Final Exam Calculator


An image illustrating the step-by-step process of using an Exam Calculator. The image shows a user entering various inputs, such as the number of questions, allotted time, and desired score, into the calculator's input fields. The next step displays the calculator automatically calculating the recommended time limit per question based on the entered values. This image visually guides the user on how to use the Exam Calculator, a helpful tool for managing time during exams and maintaining a desired score.

How to Use Final Exam Calculator?

Struggling to calculate your grades and figure out exam scores needed? There is an easy online tool made for this – the exam calculator! This calculator looks at current grades and your final grade target to estimate the exam score required to achieve your goal. Read on to learn how this grade calculator works to support your success!

Key Takeaways

Here are the essential points to remember about this exam grade calculator:

✓ Goes beyond calculating current grade to estimate target grades

✓ Clearly displays the exact exam score needed to reach your goal

✓ Incorporates previous grades and final exam weights

✓ Makes achieving your ideal grade feel more attainable

✓ Easy to update when you add new exam grades over the term

✓ Takes seconds to estimate scores you’ve spent hours trying to figure out!

Why Use an Exam Calculator?

Here are the key benefits this online tool offers students:

  • Saves Time: No need to manually compute your grades when this tool does it instantly!
  • Shows Current Status: Automatically calculates your present class grade based on past exam scores.
  • Sets Goal Targets: Input any final grade you want to aim for in the class overall.
  • Estimates Needed Scores: Figures out what your final exam grade should be to reach your target grade after calculating everything else.
  • Tracks Course Progress: Add new exam grades throughout the term and your up-to-date course grade status is displayed.

With all these perks, it’s easy to see how this calculator can boost your grade!

How Do You Leverage This Exam Calculator?

Using this calculator requires just 4 quick steps:

Step 1: Enter Your Present Grade

To start, you input your current overall grade in the class based on previous exam scores from the term. This may be:

  • A percentage like 84%
  • A point score like 338/400
  • A letter grade like B+

The calculator converts everything to a percentage to make grade estimates.

Step 2: Input Your Goal Grade

Next, enter the target final grade you want to achieve for the course. Common goal grades are:

  • Minimum grade to pass (60%)
  • Grade needed to keep a scholarship
  • Competitive grade for grad school applications (90%)
  • Your personal learning goal grade

Aim high but make it realistic!

Step 3: Enter Final Exam Weight

Then input what percent of your total class grade the final exam is worth. A common final exam weight is 20-25% but enter what your professor assigns.

Step 4: Get Your Final Exam Grade Goal

Finally, click “Calculate” and the calculator estimates what final exam grade you need to obtain to reach your target grade for the class!

Current Grade

Target Grade

Final Exam Weight

Final Exam Grade Needed





Who Can Benefit from the Exam Calculator?

Nearly all students take exams, so all students can gain from using this grade estimating tool including:

  • High school students taking college admission tests
  • Undergraduate students striving for a competitive GPA
  • Graduate students working towards qualifying exam minimums
  • Adult learners returning to school later in life
  • Teachers needing to calculate student grade point averages
  • And more!

Regardless of your age or academic level, this calculator assists any exam-taker.

Walkthrough of the Exam Grade Calculator

Let’s see the exam calculator in action with an example:

  1. Adam has taken 2 unit exams so far in his college chemistry class. He has grades of 84% and 79%, averaging 81% so far. He enters 81% as his Current Grade.
  2. Adam really wants to end the semester with an A or 93%. He enters 93% as his desired Target Class Grade.
  3. His professor said the final exam is worth 25% of the total. So Adam enters 25% as the Final Exam Weight.
  4. When Adam clicks Calculate, the calculator runs the numbers and tells Adam he needs 96% on the chemistry final exam to obtain an overall 93% A grade like he wants!

The calculator did all the project work instantly to show Adam the final exam score needed to achieve his goal.

Tips to Use This Calculator Like a Pro

Follow these pro tips when leveraging the exam grade calculator:

  • Use it early: Input potential exam scores even before taking tests to estimate outcomes.
  • Update often: Add new exam grades as you go to track class standing.
  • Factor in scores: Include homework, quizzes, and bonus credit too for a full picture.
  • Stay motivated: Let desired grade goals incentivize you to keep studying hard.
  • Identify gaps: If needed scores seem too high, adjust your target grade to be realistic.
  • Use exam tips: Check out test-taking advice to actually achieve the grades this calculator indicates you need!


As you take tests in school, let this awesome exam calculator remove the complexity of having to manually compute your overall grade and needed scores. Allowing you to clearly see where you stand and what exam targets you should aim for, using this tool can help all students unlock their grade potential!